TGIF Third Entry!

Friday has arrived!  That means the invitation for sleeping in, an anticipation and joy of meeting up with friends, for luxuriating in meals, heading to your favorite fall backs or novel, experimental workout classes, or going out for meals and/or drinks with friends.  Its delving into the depths of books, and into the fleecy, innermost folds of plush blankets.  The weekend is for heading outdoors on tranquil walks, or whiling a day away watching a thrilling TV show or interesting film.  Its for cooking and baking up a storm, with no impending schedule or place you have to be, no need to rush to bed for need of getting up in the morning.

You name it, the weekend is like a set of french doors, flung open over an expansive courtyard below.  A courtyard which is yours to fill with whatever decor, company, and accouterments you may desire.

For some ideas, inspiration, or just to read a bit about the happenings over here as of late, continue onward!

Best Boston Spots Explored

BURN Fitness Studio in the South End of Boston.  This coming Sunday, will be trying out the Power BURN class.  Should be tough and lots of fun!

Cafe Madeleine in the South End.  Authentic French Pastries, oh so good.

Scrumptious Things on which I’ve Been Snacking

spicy noodle salad

This Spicy Peanut Soba Noodle dish, SO good.  Courtesy of the blog “Pinch of Yum.”  Though some alterations were made to our dish, this recipe was our inspiration.  Absolutely delicious!

paleo blueberrypaleo blueberry1

Paleo Blueberry Buckle Cake.

Oh my gosh, is this stuff tasty!  A moist, cinnamon-y, lightly sweet, berry laden, divine cake!  Or, blueberry buckle, if you will.

While slightly involved, its overall, an easy one to toss together.  A fun interplay of textures going on here too, with the crunch of walnuts on top, the spongy cake texture, the burst of fresh berries.

Its gluten/grain free, lactose free, and low in sugar.  Happy sampling!  Here is the recipe.


Awesome Activities

Rowing class at BTone Fitness in Back Bay.  Wow, I’ve rowed before, but never have I taken a rowing class.  This was NUTS.  A phenomenal workout.  Rowing as fast as we could for several minutes, alternating with hopping off the rower and lifting weights.  I was dripping sweat by the end.  Really challenging, loved it.

Skiing Killington in Vermont.  This was The. Best.  Absolutely loved both this mountain and this day.  The weather was crystal clear, with the barest hint of chill in the air.  The slopes were fluffy and fast.  My company, fabulous.


Much needed massage at Backworks in Boston.  I’ve had massages at a reasonable handful of differing places throughout my life.  Hands down, this place is the best massage I’ve ever had, still.  (They have been voted “best of Boston” by numerous sources, for years now).  Highly recommend going here, you will not be disappointed.

And, for those who think, “a massage?  Thats a frivolous, unnecessary splurge.  One with which I would never bother.”  You may be surprised to hear that actually, massages are incredible for you, that they give one a whole host of health benefits (both physical and emotional), and thus, are very worthwhile.  Not just because they feel amazing, but in terms of what they do for you.  Including: to reduce back pain, can also assist with reducing frequency of headaches, and with improving sleep.  Massage is also good for helping with depression and anxiety.

For in-depth details of benefits, just Google “benefits of massage.”  You will find a compelling and lengthily list.



In my Book Bag at the Moment



Watching Now

A NY Times review of the show.  (Though I didn’t read it through in full, as I am still in the midst of watching).  This show though?  Gripping, with complex and intriguing characters, as well as a fascinating plot line.



Worthwhile article(s) of the Week

This is a beautiful, poignant, engaging personal essay from The Sun Magazine called “Love Running.”  Its excellent writing, and a compelling story to boot.  About the loss of a remarkable, important love in the authors life, with whom he discovered running.  This woman having helped elicit changes that have since grown in him, for far the better.  And how instead of abandoning running at the loss of her (as each time he runs, he finds himself thinking of her), he has continued running, and the power with which this has served him.

the sun




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