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Welcome to Brunches and Books, lovers of literature, and fellow eating enthusiasts!

I’ve been an avid reader since roughly two years old, gobbling up any and all books I could get my hands on.  Have lived almost perpetually within the exploration and occupying of my imagination, and impassioned mad dash pursuit of all personal dreams throughout life up to the present (which I believe has served me well- as thus far, decisions made have resulted in the navigating and creation of a path I have loved).

Consuming the written word the way one might food or air.  Bookstores and libraries, two of my most gravitated to and adored places in the world.  Hours fall away for me following the entering of one of these.  Purchasing a new book (correction, I get mine used, rarely new, from Amazon) fills me with a sense of thrill and possibility, as though life-changing potential may lie between its currently unknown pages.

Being an author of books is my life dream.  I have currently finished writing two, a memoir, and a fictional love story (one of these in the works to be edited professionally), as well as a plethora of essays, short stories, and poems, along with the maintaining of Sweet. Raw. Free (all of the recipes falling under one, if not more, of the following tiers: gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, or raw) and Travels and Trdelnik (a lifestyle and travel blog).

Most of my writing though is done here, on Medium.com.  I wrote about all manner of topics, from romantic relationships to friendship, family relations to health, feminism, and psychology, as well as ruminations on our culture.

You can check that further writing out here if you so desire: https://medium.com/@brookemeredith.

For a full list of my published works, go to brookeenglish.com.

To me, books and reading are two of the central keys to a life of fulfillment, growth, learning, and joy.  Books connect us with one another, helping to bridge distance and misunderstanding.  Within fiction and non-fiction, we can find both ourselves, and access increased empathy for others.  Even fiction is based on truth, on authentic human experience, real emotional dilemmas, and the true potential navigating of life challenges and triumphsWithin books, we learn to be human.

Reading broadens and opens one’s mind and ideas.  It increases your vocabulary, avid readers tending to perform higher on standardized tests.   Reading is cheap entertainment, as well as the initiator for the further firing of neurons and activity in the brain.  Reading makes you smarter.  It can add richness, joy, and fun to your life.  One of the best feelings: having a book in which you are thrilled to jump back into at the end of the day.  Such an engaging and alighting sense of anticipation to have.

One can learn almost anything from books- about the raising of a particular pet, how to better communicate and improve one’s relationships, a new language, how to cook and bake, more in-depth about another culture, the nuances of a particular animal species, about the ethical dilemmas as well as benefits of zoos, the rules of a certain sport, how to better negotiate in life, how to use your fancy LDR camera, the list going on and on.  You can learn almost anything from a book.

Life without books is life missing a layer.  A layer of additional meaning, engagement, and added awe.  Books add enrichment, sparking of thought, additional knowledge, even excitement, to one’s daily life.  In reading, we can experience what it might feel like to step into the shoes of another, into a life that we might never otherwise have that particular perspective.

Reading = the living and experiencing your best possible life.

A life without books and reading is one missing a major component.


For a bit of further inspiration, motivation, and fun reading: 13 Ways that Reading Changes Your Life.

I live in and love Boston.  Reveling in the red-bricked, historic, charming, New England esque, happening city of Beantown.  Frequenting the cozy cafes throughout, building up my brunching repertoire, ever exploring new and interesting spots, ever reading and writing up a storm, and continuing with the creation of a life in which I am in love.

I thrill in hearing from fellow foodies and book lovers, so please, do not hesitate to get in touch with comments, suggestions, or just to say hello!

With warmest regards and thanks,


PS. All book reviews are entirely and totally my own opinions and thoughts.  Despite the link offered in each post where one might purchase a copy of the book if they so desire, this entire website is based on my own passion, interests, and personal recommendations. I do not recommend books that I don’t personally feel are worthwhile and fantastic.