Fantastic Female Readers

Hi Rockin Readers,

Featured here: fabulous, fantastic, inspiring female readers- just like you!

In their sharing with us, offering further reading inspiration and ideas to add to your arsenal.  Books can be a means of connecting with one another, as well as sharing potentially life changing reads with each other.  It can be from others that we hear of phenomenal reading, of which we may never have stumbled on otherwise.  And as you all know, books have the power to change lives.

So ladies, lets share this power of the written word with one another!  As well as, get to know each other a bit more in the process.

I invite any woman who might like to be featured here on the Fantastic Female Readers column to please reach out and contact me!  I very much look forward to meeting you, and sharing what you have to say with our readers.

With warmest regards,

your fellow book lover,



melissa First Column: Melissa.  Read about her most life changing reads, her ideal place in which to cozy up with a book, her favorite fiction, and the lessons shes garnered from reading.


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