Most Anticipated Reads of 2019

 His first book was fantastic.  The crude title, misleading.  The book actually chock full with rather poignant and powerful life insights, much of it contrary to the things we usually hear from typical “self help” books.  Thus, quite excited for this one.


 Coupled with the long list of awards this has won, along with what sounds like a compelling plot, very excited to read it (update: am in the midst of reading it now.  Its excellent).


 Oh my gosh, was her first book “Shrill” a much needed cultural shout, breath of fresh air, and plethora of powerful statements and insights put out there into our still sadly, quite lopsided culture with regards to how women are spoken of, treated, and depicted in our media and society at large.  Both hilarious/comedic, as well as thought provoking and emotional.  Cannot wait to read her next one.


 This one just sounds fascinating, and with its off-the-charts reviews.  Looking forward to what I am sure will be an informative, even mind blowing read in this book.  (Otherwise known as “Sapiens”).


 As I am not particularly religious, that is not what drew me to this book (though nor will I allow it to deter me, as from what I have gleaned with this one, there are powerful and very worthwhile insights within, regardless).  Years ago, I read a few snippets and passages from this and was incredibly moved, as well as drawn.  Thus, am looking forward to reading.  Even if I dont identify with or agree with all of it, I feel quite sure there will be awesome information and thoughts offered still.


 Donald Maass wrote a phenomenal book, “The Emotional Craft of Fiction,” one of the more compelling, as well as unique books on writing I have ever read.  That is why I was drawn to this one.  It has great reviews, and I loved his other book.


 The plot to this one sounds intriguing, eerie, even evocative, as well as the prose, sensual and lush.  Very excited to delve into what I imagine will be a gripping and transporting story.


 Another much needed expose, this one on the topic of our widespread cultural obsession with women, both in the media and real life, who are killed, abused, objectified, and degraded.  Their bodies frequently used to bolster the stories of men.  Certainly a necessary and important read.


 With a family history of mental illness, I too am fascinated by why the numbers seem to be ever climbing, with regard to prescriptions, levels of depression, as well as mental illness in our culture.  If these things are heredity and thus, supposedly out of our control, why are the numbers at a steady incline?  This is both suspicious and alarming.  Very interested and excited to read on this relevant topic.


 Having struggled with an incredibly toxic family (not all of them, but many of them), I look forward to reading this book to gain further insight, as well as healing, into this sad, out-of-ones-control hand which I was dealt.

For a truly excellent read on this topic, specifically with regards to harmful parents, I highly recommend Toxic Parents by Dr. Susan Forward.


 This one just sounds empowering, as well as engaging, inspiring, and mystical.


 For anyone who is aspiring to be a writer, a lover of either reading or writing personal essays, as well as just those who are compelled by deeply personal, humanistic writing, this book is for you.  The first essay I read, “Under the Influence,” was phenomenal.  Hands down, the best personal essay, in terms of the prose and emotion within, that I have read to date.  Keeping this one by my bed to read an essay each night until finished with the book.


What books are on your to-read list for this year?


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