First entry in TGIF!

Hi all your fellow rad readers and brunch enthusiasts,

TGIF!  In celebration of the work week coming to its conclusion, ushering in the opening of much free time for most of us to revel more in and pursue that which we enjoy doing more fully, I offer some aspects of my own life, as well as some (hopefully) inspiring ideas for your own weekend adventuring, and beyond.

Have a fabulous weekend of reading, brunching, and more!

Thought to start with a topic with which we are all smitten: food.

Best Boston Spots Visited

Veggie Galaxy!  Over brunch with girlfriends, I had a decadent and totally delicious slice of gluten free, rosewater vanilla cake, with a green tea on the side.  It was divine.  The dessert display at Veggie Galaxy in general is out of this world.  Highly recommend coming here for something sweet and warm to drink.  You can read more about the diner here.

Gen Sou En Tea House in Brookline.  Their first Japanese Tea House.  Man oh man, are the desserts here decadent, trendy, and fun.  From Matcha cake balls to Japanese cheesecake, to Matcha roll cakes, lavender white chocolate scones, and a Swimming Turtle roll (that is filled with white chocolate!).



This omelet was phenomenal.  The sauces on top, though unsure what they were, SO scrumptious.  Inside the omelet were sticky noodles.  I was shocked by how homey and satisfying this was.


Delicious Dishes I’ve been Dining on

pumpkin oatmeal
For breakfast: Pumpkin Cinnamon Chia Oatmeal (gluten free, lactose free, and only sweetened with honey).  SO good.  The perfect winter breakfast, snack, or even treat.  And one you can feel good about eating.  Get the recipe here.
Salmon Beauty Bowl
Salmon Pesto Beauty Bowl.  Loaded with good-for-your-body ingredients, it’ll make your skin glow and help you feel energetic, lean, and generally awesome.  Gluten free, mostly raw, and super healthy.  Here is how to make it.
Pesto.  I could put this on anything and everything.  SO delish.  Here is my own recipe for superfood pesto, yum, yum.
Salmon, awesome for your health, and so tasty.  How to make this grained honey mustard baked salmon.
chocolate mousse
Healthier chocolate mousse, though just as decadent and delightful as any variety you’ve ever sampled.  Taste it here!


Fun happenings

Just tried a novel workout class the other night at BTone Fitness in Back Bay.  Whoa.  This was way cool, as well as challenging.  These machines are nuts.  I would definitely go back and do the class again, as its a great muscle workout.  The contraptions used for this class though, require a bit of a learning curve.  One class to get them down, then I would say by the second or third class, you could really get the great workout they likely provide.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dinner tonight (Friday) at Boston Burger Co with a great girlfriend.  This has been a steadfast favorite of mine for many years.  The burgers here are towering, offered in all manner of creative combinations, and are just mouthwatering.

Plus, the milkshakes here are jaw dropping.  They are vivid, imaginative, and wild.  While I wouldn’t consume one since its likely one would gain a pound or more from the amount of calories within (I think they clock in anywhere from 1,500-3,000 calories), they are way cool looking- lots of fun.  (Google “Boston Burger Co Milkshakes” to check them out).

Skiing at Canon Mountain this upcoming Saturday!


As well as, a visit to Darwins Ltd for something sweet to eat and warm to drink.  A Valentines gift for my ❤


Reading Now…


Thought-provoking articles of the week

Caroline Leavitt: Portrait of a modern novelist

Best-selling author Caroline Leavitt has had both towering highs and staggering lows throughout her long career. Here’s what she’s learned after 11 novels and several decades in the industry.

This interview is inspiring and motivating.  Caroline talks about, among other things, her advice to writers (never, ever give up), the challenging trajectory of being and becoming an author/writer, finding the time to write, as well as vulnerability in her admission that, while several of her books have been NY Times bestsellers, a handful of others didn’t do well.  Illustrating her point that, had she given up on one of them failing, she would never have traveled the road which, further down, meant her succeeding in writing and producing those bestsellers after all.  She had to continue through the “failures” and not give up, in order to experience and become who she was meant to be as a writer.


TED talk with life changing potential

“Dont find a job, find a mission.”  Then, your life will flood with meaning, a sense of purpose and direction, as well as satisfaction and joy.

How to do this?  First take 20 minutes to watch the talk.  Its incredibly inspiring and thought provoking.  A worthwhile thing to hear.

The speaker, Celeste Headlee, is an award winning journalist, author, accomplished speaker, and musician.  Click here to learn a bit more about her.


Happy Friday, everyone!!!

What are each of you doing that is inspiring, motivating, novel, or awesome this weekend?

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