Couleur Cafe = way cool.

Couleur Cafe conjures up numerous images with its atmosphere.  Log cabin, forest hideaway, tree shrouded wood, warm respite from the wintery chill,  coziness and cuddling up, all coupled with the vibes of trendy and cool.  Scroll down for enticing photos of the interior and food.

This is a great spot to go for a reasonably affordable meal following the skiing of frigid, stunningly scenic Mont Tremblant.  A charming, fantastically colored, quaint little village at the base of Mont Tremblant itself.  An easy drive from Boston or New Hampshire, roughly 5.5 hours one way, making for the perfect quintessential ski mini vacation.

mont tremblant

For the trip details of that adventure, including the most atmospheric and awesome spa you will ever stumble upon, as well as a mountain of great meal recommendations, check out my blog post on Month Tremblant.  Otherwise, for more on just Couleur Cafe, keep reading!

Inviting, rustic, not overly priced, homey, with great ambiance/atmosphere, and delicious dishes on ample offering.  The food, we both agreed, was quite tasty.  Our most flavorful meal of the trip, we concurred. I had a Cesar salad, which was gigantic, and loaded with all sorts of yummy ingredients (chicken, pumpkin seeds, bacon, cheese, sprouts). Maxx had the Croque Madame with Thai soup on the side. To finish, we devoured slices of chocolate mousse cake which were fluffy, light, while tasting indulgent and rich. We gave this overall meal an 8.5 or 9.

Main dishes run around $15, while the desserts clock in anywhere from $4-7.  While not cheap, it also wasn’t especially pricey.  And the portions were generous for what one paid.

To me, this is the perfect place to come, even just for tea and dessert.  For an afternoon spent holed up, reading, writing, and relaxing with something warm to drink and sweet to eat.

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