Veggie Galaxy is out of this world

To all you vegans, vegetarians, dessert devotees, and lovers of nostalgia and diners,

There is a great restaurant for brunching, right in Central Square (off the red line) in Boston: Veggie Galaxy.  The inside akin to, as mentioned, an old school diner.  Complete with requisite red vinyl booths and counter tops accompanied by swivel stools.  The dessert display is something to behold, in and of itself.

Towering, translucent display cases show off all variety of sweet treats on offering.  From triple tiered cakes, to swirling cream pies, to cheesecakes, brownies, donuts, and more.  Personally, I would come for that stuff alone.  This would make a great afternoon detour for tea and something sweet to eat.

The menu is several pages long.  They have it all, from starters and appetizers (onion rings, vegan mozzarella sticks, fries, vegan mac and cheese bites), to an extensive breakfast listing (some 10 varieties of omelets, plus a build-your-own option.  Breakfast sandwiches, eggs made any style, eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes, waffles, and varying breakfast sides).

They boost a lengthily lunch menu (burgers- all vegan of course, soups, salads, sandwiches).   Plus dinner entrees, and vegan macaroni and cheeses!

The prices are decent.  I might say slightly overpriced for the quality.  One can expect to pay about $20-25 total for an entree, a drink, and the splitting of either a dessert or starter with a companion.

The atmosphere is bustling, lively, perpetually busy and fun.  I recommend getting here no later than 10:30am on a weekend (they do not take reservations.  Its first come, first serve), otherwise you are likely to have to wait.

I loved the omelettes and the sweet potato carrot cake.  Both super yum.  Though the cake was dense and rich, it was delicious and satisfying.  (The desserts here are awesome, though intense.  Probably a good idea to wrangle someone to split one with ;-)).

Head on over to Veggie Galaxy for some superb vegan and vegetarian eats.  I would recommend this spot especially for either breakfast or dessert/tea.

Here is the link to their full menu.

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